mm - verbal·visual·vocal
collage/sound design/interactive/installation/live project

publication in collab with @InGoodCompany

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mm is an experimental project presenting the connections among words, images and sounds for the same content. It interacts with the human sensations by bringing the original message to further and boundaryless possibilities, explores what the information existing in-between multiple disciplines could potentially be.


Inspiring by the infinitely expandable structure of the letter m, and the sound “mm” (onomatopoeia) humans make while thinking unconsciously, by taking off from these points simultaneously, plus different typefaces applying, the mm project is character-visualising the human thinking process in one of many possible ways.


In the further development of the mm project, images are “translated” into visual scores, and the corresponding sampling musical sounds are produced for each of the scores. mm project is becoming diverse in the presentation format, the freedom of continuing this project is throwing out containing by the scores and sample cd, and the way to the final final outcomes are now guided by the audience, or maybe there is not such thing as “final outcome” as long as we are still thinking.


interaction in live display

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