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type~face is my graduating project, also a project from the early covid-19 period done in London (spring-summer 2020).

type~face(字面意思) is an experimental project exploring the customising visual for texting. this project started in early 2020, at the time covid-19 brought the ‘first round’ of lockdown in London. as far as I know, many international students living alone thousands of miles away from their home — we had never relied on the mobile phone so much.

though what makes the communication more real? is it video chat of our familiar persons in 2D, or the never offline chatting messages? we used to talk to people face to face with our moods, gestures, facial expressions, we can even ‘talk’ through these without language. so when it comes to such a situation that we cannot see each other in life, this project is testing out how we can maximise the use of technologies in order to reach the human needs.

type~face is proposed for the purpose of presenting the vibe we are holding while saying such a word or sentence to the receiver, the ideal picture of it is to combine the clear, visible information (the message) and the invisible information (the vibes/moods) by designing the relevant visuals for the words we are talking.

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